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Education in Twitter

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Posted On : 2015-03-16 17:54:39

Over past decade communication methods have changed drastically and the trend followed in education has undergone massive changes. Though there are many social media, Twitter has its own importance and is becoming a vital tool for learning. There won't be any surprise to know that there is a close connection between social media and students. It has become the easiest and the fastest way to get connected with friends, family and groups. You can connect with any one for any reason at any time.

In twitter you can use 140 characters for conveying your message, keep it short, follow people, tweet individual post, re-tweet others post, open messages of specific person or send direct message and use hashtag to group and track discussion. It can be used for networking, learning, research, collaboration, news, information, sharing and update purposes. This mode of learning is easy, comfortable and increase students participation. Teachers can connect to their students and share assignments, home works and many more activities to their community blog and also get connected to other learning communities and new educational content. 

Twitter is an effective tool for connecting students and others online. Having online presence strengthen connectivity and help to reach potential students and professionals. It provide a platform to assess, analyze, retain and share information on a widespread and get more visibility to the post.


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