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Child Education

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Posted On : 2015-10-30 15:06:58

Education is a potential path that every child is entitled to have for the prosperous future. Education is quite important to blossom socially and is one such gift that none can take away. Yet there are many children around the world who don't get opportunity to learn and develop themselves.

It would be shocking to know that about 7 million children in India under 14 years do not have access to quality education and approximately 50% of all children drop out before they complete their elementary education. Education should be made accessible to all children where everyone must go to school and get benefit of the opportunities to build a bright future. The educational instruction given must be equally gratuitous so that children from disadvantaged environments will be able to enjoy their right to education.

Education is one such powerful tool that permits us to acquire the basic knowledge. It is really a means to discover new things which we don't know about and help us to develop our knowledge. Only an educated person has the ability to differentiate between right and wrong things. The under privileged and orphan children should be entitled to basic education. Thus it is essential tool for the economic, social and cultural development of all people around the world. We should realize the importance of education as it not only makes our live perfect but also it contributes to the growth of a nation.

Child Education is imperative. Providing education is like making deposits in the memory bank of children. So let’s not blame government alone, from now on wards we will also share the responsibility and take steps towards its accomplishment and make education attainable by all children to make them feel safe, engaged, supported and challenged.


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Jack the cool
Jack the cool
3 years ago

We have to remember the fact that Education is not only to teach 1, 2, 3 & a, b, c to kids. The real aspects of the education is to mould the kids and the students and make them well talented.

3 years ago

Child Education is essential for their future endeavor. Education is needed in this digital world to stand on their own.


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