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Our sales people play volleyball.We use / test the products we sell and personally know how well they perform and how long they last.We will match or beat prices on exact or similar items sold by our competitors.Our products are made with quality, longer.....
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Product description

Premium quality, 8" Diameter cast brass hinged floor plate is machined for a high quality fit and finish. (Don't skimp on sleeve quality or you'll find yourself replacing these in a few years)
10" deep
Allows floating wooden floors to expand and contract with changes in humidity
Requires subfloor excavation and routing of wood to retrofit into existing facilities
3-1/2" Sleeves will accept 3-1/2" poles and 3" poles. 3" Sleeves will accept 3" poles only
Requires two per system
Note: Floors with basements or hollow cavities below require additional re-inforcement. Please call us for site specific install help.
Detailed installation instructions provided at no cost.