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We have been manufacturing and exporting superior quality chess sets for last 3-4 decades. It is our devotion and intense study towards the development of designs that we offer you the distinctive and excellent chess.Getting world class chess sets directly.....
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CHESS BOARDS in different woods like Ebony wood, Rose wood and Sheesham wood with Box wood as combination. The new eye catching chessboard added in the category are the ones with Platic Inlaid work.The fine inlaid work chessboard makes the chessplaying a royal experience.Another special chessboard added is the EXCLUSIVE ROSEWOOD chessboard.The most exceptional chessboard with chess squares raised from its level and thick rosewood designer border makes it extraordinary. The new Lacquered chessboards gives the perfect shine and the smooth surface of the chessboard is exceptionally good than the conventional polish of chessboards.These chessboards are available in different wood combination like Ebony,Rosewood and sheeshamwood. All chessboards are available is different sizes.