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Smart classrooms in NDMC schools

Updated On 2016-02-23 09:34:08 Technology Education

The schools under New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) are soon going to get smart classrooms with high end computers, interactive white boards, short-throw projectors and other hardware & software from the upcoming academic session 2016-2017. NDMC area was recently chosen for smart city initiative; now the council is all geared up to introduce Smart Educational Services through 444 Smart Classrooms at 30 schools of the municipal council.

Naresh Kumar, NDMC chairman said that the main aim of the smart education is to introduce e-Learning solution in all NDMC schools, mentoring programme, centralized students e-Health records and skill development. The idea behind providing the e-Learning solution in all the classes of 6 to 12 in NDMC schools is to transform traditional classrooms to futuristic technology, enable smart learning classrooms by introducing state-of-art technology, infrastructure and professionally developed learning content. 

Naresh hopes that the whole practice will reduce drop-out rate and improve knowledge retention through leveraging e-Learning. The NCERT syllabus based lesson will be available in digital format with Hindi and English study material. Content of information recommended by NCERT will also be available through the dedicated servers which would be placed in each school. Also, Senior Secondary students will be provided with study aids like question banks, test papers, and interactive material like flowchart in the digital form.

Even the health records of all students will be maintained electronically for monitoring their health on regular basis. Under the Smart Educational Services, performance of teachers will also be evaluated regularly in a scientific manner. Technical requirements in this regard have been identified by NDMC for selection of suitable execution agency. NDMC chairman added that it is expected that the system would be made operational by July, 2016.

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