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Delhi Govt to launch SMC App

Updated On 2017-02-22 11:27:11 Technology Education

To assist the members of School Management Committees (SMCs) in their functioning, the Delhi government will soon launch a mobile application named SMC App. 

A Delhi Government official said that it will a virtual platform to the management bodies to connect with the members and be updated on issues pertaining to the functioning of the schools but also act as a record maintenance tool.

The SMCs have 16 members each comprising a teacher, a principal, 12 parents, an MLA and a social activist. Besides SMC members, officials of the Directorate of Education and other departments concerned will have access to the application.

The AAP dispensation had last year directed the school management committees to ensure a bigger role for parents in the running of schools. 

The SMC App enables better management of educational institutions by bringing together stakeholders such as parents, community, students, teachers and head masters. 

Through the app, school committees can organize meetings and discussions, capture action items and track the progress and engage with the government and general public on a periodic basis.

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