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Robotics Contest Conducted at SRM University by LEMA Labs

Updated On 2014-10-18 16:23:08 Technology Education

The students from various branches of engineering at SRM University took part in the Kaizen Robotics Program and the robotic competition conducted by LEMA Labs, a startup incubated at IIT Madras Incubation Cell. After taking part in the four week training in the field of robotic technology, the students were able to exhibit their robotic creations in the competition. The students had created a line following, obstacle detecting and motion controlling robot as part of the program. A total of 20 teams took part in the competition consisting of three rounds. The robots had to accomplish the mutiple tasks for which these are specifically created in a single test run and the most efficient would be rewarded. 


"The Kaizen Robotics Program has opened a new dimension of learning and knowledge for us and has improved our working capabalities as a team."

- Tanushree, III Year, CSE; Shahzan, III Year, Software; Ankit, III Year, CSE


"The topic to topic concept training with intensive guidance has helped us a lot." 

- Prasit, Gopinath, Abhishek, III Year, SRM University


"Our motive was to provide access to knowledge and hands on training in robotics to students from different programs." 

- Nivas Ravichandran, Business Development, LEMA Labs


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