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Oxford University Press launches online courses in India

Updated On 2016-09-23 11:13:41 Technology Education

Oxford University Press (OUP) today launched online courses in the country which will help the academia in their research activities.

The Epigeum programme in India would cater to universities and colleges to transform their core activities in teaching, research, studying, leadership and management.

“Through Epigeum, high-quality online content assembled globally by experts will reach more Indian universities through online and blended learning,” Oxford University Press (OUP) MD - Global Academic Publishing Division - Tim Barton told PTI.

According to him, India has an ever growing ambition to operate in the global arena and that authors care about making an impact within and beyond India. “As India has become a powerful economy and is evolving, the country’s researchers are interested in making sure their ideas are heard on a global stage,” he said.

The courses are on diverse topics including Avoiding Plagiarism, University Leadership and Management, and Advanced Research Skills.

They have been developed through global collaboration of experts and partner universities shared by subscription. The subscription charges vary for different courses depending on the duration of the courses and the size, reach of the universities which subscribe to it.

“We hope that Epigeum will be welcomed by the Indian and Asian teaching and research communities for its quality and ease of access,” OUP Chief Executive Officer Nigel Portwood said.

Epigeum was originally a spin out from Imperial College London, but now is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OUP. It has launched more than 80 courses and has partnered with 33 of the top 100 global universities in the QS world rankings 2014-15.

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