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Indian MOOC for a global platform

Updated On 2014-12-04 08:19:53 Technology Education

US-based educational technology company Coursera, which offers massive open online courses (MOOCs) from various universities, has partnered with an Indian B-school, making it its first partner institution in India and 115th worldwide. Under the partnership agreement, Hyderabadbased Indian School of Business (ISB) is going to offer online content globally on the Coursera platform.

"ISB will work in a similar way as other universities," said Richard Levin, CEO, Coursera, during a visit to Delhi. "It gets to choose what content it wishes to put on the platform. Its professors and resources are used to produce the course and we distribute that."

The B-school's first course in this initiative is going to be on `A Life of Happiness and ulfilment.' The company boasts of the largest number of users of e-courses in the world, including 8,00,000 enrolees in India accounting for 8% of its total enrolment.Overall, their favourite courses are in computer science and business.Indian learners are young, mostly teenagers and those in their 20s, unlike their international counterparts whose median age is 30+. Most of them look for courses with job-oriented skills.


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