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Huawei, Edutech launch smart education solution

Updated On 2016-03-08 09:54:01 Technology Education

Huawei has partnered with Edutech Middle East to launch a Smart Education system aimed at improving student interaction through active learning and making classrooms borderless, at the Gulf Educational Supplies and Solutions (GESS). 

Huawei and Edutech Middle East, its official technology partner for the education industry, have launched the new Smart Education solution for greater collaboration inside and outside the classroom.

The new Smart Education solution falls under the banner of Huawei's e-Classroom technology portfolio, offering better interaction between teachers and students. Teachers can use the technology to develop effective courseware and lesson plans for students that can be shared with students through their digital devices.

The solution also provides educators borderless wireless connectivity and seamless mobility, allowing the use of any handheld devices. Teachers are able to conduct classes with students who may be sitting across different campuses at the same time, allowing more access to professors and extend the opportunity to learn. 

It also allows for the introduction of Echo360's, Active Learning Platform that records the instructor's lecture and all student activities related to the lecture, during and after class to significantly enhance student engagement and provide valuable inputs to instructors to improve learning outcomes.

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