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Cornell University launches Online learning Program

Updated On 2016-06-06 09:35:52 Technology Education

Cornell University strives to stay in step with the Internet’s promotion of educational opportunities with the introduction of WebSeries, eCornell’s latest mechanism for online learning. WebSeries consists of one-hour long lectures that provide “flexible access to Cornell faculty organized around specific topics of interest,” according to Paul Krause, CEO of eCornell and associate vice provost of online learning at Cornell. The series launched its first episode in February.

Krause said WebSeries described the service as providing an “easy, bite-sized sampler of experts and topics.”

“The best attribute of the series for a participant is hearing from Cornell faculty about their latest research and how this can be applied,” he said. “For Cornell departments and faculty the best attribute is access to a turn-key infrastructure and relatively easy way to launch online programs that interest their target stakeholders outside of Ithaca.”

WebSeries gives professionals - who do not have time for a full course or certificate program - the opportunity to build their knowledge and skills, according to Krause. Human resources, women in leadership and entrepreneurship are the first three channels offered by the new series, according to the website.

“Typically, faculty meet with the eCornell team to brainstorm ideas for sessions-faculty can bring ideas to eCornell and eCornell brings ideas to faculty,” she said. Olsen added that the prospect of online learning is exciting as it opens up opportunities to “further connect the globe through education.”

“Entrepreneurship is borderless and online learning is a tremendous opportunity to build collaborative bridges across educational institutions in different countries and also enrich the experiences for our students, providing them not only with theory and opportunities to apply their knowledge, but to obtain necessary technical knowledge to be able to thrive in the rapidly changing market,” she said.

eCornell  - Cornell’s online education department - currently offers over 30 certificate programs for professional development across a wide range of disciplines, according to the department’s website.

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