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An app that gives a social twist

Updated On 2015-01-06 09:22:21 Technology Education

If your kids are addicted to their phones like I am, try this. 

A group of young professionals from the city have created a smartphone application called Awarathon, which adds a fun twist to social awareness by combining it with the excitement of mobile gaming. 

The app organises virtual marathons biannually and invites school and college students for participation. 

During these week-long marathons, kids can pick a social cause of their choice and answer a series of questions related to that cause, thus, running the virtual marathon of awareness. 

It helps them learn while they think they are becoming ace gamers. The app has partnered with NGOs like Akshara, Teach for India, NASEOH and World For All. 

While your kids compete among themselves to win points for every question answered correctly, the NGOs will compete within themselves to further their cause and invite participants to their events, creating volunteering opportunities and rewarding the top Awarathon scorers. 

Log on to: www.madatt.org


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