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Haryana Government plans to introduce English from Class 1

Updated On 2016-04-01 11:13:52 Future of education

With an aim to improve the quality of education in state run schools, the Haryana Government is planning to introduce English as a subject from Class 1 onwards, said Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma.

However, the minister, while giving reply to a question in the assembly, said that it is a policy-based decision. He said when MLAs bring the issue of upgrading schools in their constituencies to his notice, those who fulfill the prescribed norms are upgraded.

Agriculture Minister O P Dhankar said the department was considering introducing a health insurance scheme on the pattern of Punjab for farmers who die due to 'unnatural causes' while working in the fields. The scheme of Punjab was being assessed so that help could be provided to farmers for treatment.

He said a financial assistance of Rs 19.79 crore was provided in cases of unnatural deaths or disabilities of farmers while working in fields in 2014-15.

Haryana Chief Parliamentary Secretary Kamal Gupta said Rakhigarhi and Agroha Dham should be developed as world-class places of tourist interest, which would also increase revenue of the state.

He said that the construction of an international-standard cricket stadium in Haryana should also be considered.

Gupta said the status of the three universities located in Hisar is only "like that of a school" and urged that facilities of international level be provided to them.

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