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Delhi CM promises to create 25 lakh Jobs in Punjab

Updated On 2017-02-01 10:31:01 Future of education

AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal promises to generate employment for 25 lakh youths in Punjab by reviving sugar mills and setting up new agro-based industries where, he said, 80 per cent jobs would be reserved for locals. Announcing more sops including Rs 2,500 pension for elderly, widows and differently-abled people, Kejriwal said AAP will bring revolutionary reforms in education and health sectors and zero tolerance to corruption in Punjab as it is done in Delhi

Accusing the SAD-BJP and Congress governments of ruining the economy of Punjab by misusing the power to favour self interests, Kejriwal, while addressing a party rally at Zira in favour of Gurpreet Singh Gora, said there is no dearth of manpower and resources in Punjab and that only a strong political will is required to bring the state back on track. Citing an example of Delhi, the Delhi Chief Minister said his predecessor used to quote bad fiscal health of Delhi’s economy but after formation of the AAP government, the economy has started reviving only by putting corruption to an end.

The same policy of zero tolerance towards corruption will be implemented in Punjab after AAP forms the government, the AAP national convener said. AAP, after forming government in Punjab, will generate 25 lakh employment for the youngsters by reviving closed sugar mills and setting up new agro-based industries, each in a cluster of 15-20 villages where 80 per cent employment of Punjabi youth will be made mandatory, Kejriwal said.

Expressing his dismay over the sacrilege incidents, Kejriwal said that Sri Guru Granth Sahib is held in high esteem by people of all religions and it is said that such incidences took place during the tenure of SAD government which otherwise claims to be panthic.

Punjab is currently passing through a tough phase where the corrupt politicians have plunged the youth into the dark sea of drugs, he said, adding that AAP will put the drug lords and their patrons into jail and rehabilitate the youth who have been made victims to the greed of drug peddlers. Kejriwal said that all the false cases will be cancelled and real cases will be registered against corrupt politicians and their goons.

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