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10 Unique jobs for future graduates

Updated On 2016-08-09 09:58:26 Future of education

The future generation graduates will be applying for jobs working in virtual worlds and outer space, experts claim, following the release of a new report predicting career trends for the next ten  years. 'Virtual Habitat Designers', 'Freelance Biohackers' and even space tour guides will all become realistic job options for graduates from less than ten years' time, experts say

Research conducted by a group of leading technologists, academics and industry analysts suggests that a host of new job options will become available to those graduating in less than a decade’s time, including “ethical technology advocates”, “sustainable power innovators” and “virtual habitat designers”.

“The job market is changing at a more rapid pace than ever before, partly because of artificial intelligence.”

The report highlights that 65 per cent of school students in university today will take up jobs that don’t exist yet. Those involved in the research suggest this means it is more important than ever for graduates to develop a range of skills in order to “future proof” their careers, moving away from traditional single-skill degrees or methods of learning.

“A ‘virtual habitat designer’ for example would need skills in design and editing – similar to those who design online games today.”

The Ten jobs of the future are

* Virtual Habitat Designer

* Ethical Technology Advocate

* Digital Cultural Commentator     

* Freelance Biohacker  

* IoT (Internet of Things) Data Creative 

* Space Tour Guide

* Personal Content Curator

* Rewilding Strategist

* Sustainable Power Innovator

* Human Body Designer

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