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CBSE to conduct writing/drawing contest on Ambedkar's Birthday

Updated On 2016-04-12 09:51:13 Co curricular activities

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced that it will be conducting its latest Expression Series (writing/drawing contest) on Dr BR Ambedkar, to mark his birth anniversary on April 14. The Series will be held on April 13 and 14 in which participation is voluntary.

CBSE has created three categories for participants based on the class they study in. Students of STD I-V, STD VI-VIII and STD IX-XII can participate in their respective categories and submit either an essay, poem or drawing. The essay and poem can be submitted in any of the 22 scheduled languages and also English.

Entries have to be submitted between 9AM - 9PM on Wednesday and Thursday. Best 36 entries, 12 in each category, shall be awarded a cash prize of Rs.2,500 and a certificate of merit. Each participant will also get a certificate of participation. Selection of best entries will be on the basis of originality of content and creative expression. Students may be contracted on phone to ascertain the originality of the entry submitted. Plagiarism check may be done and the entry will be liable to disqualification if found plagiarized at any point of time.

Entries can be submitted online through a link which will be made available on .

Students can also click a picture/scan their entries and send it through the mobile app, numbers for which are available on the official CBSE site. Topics for the series (all related to Dr. Ambedkar) have also been uploaded on the site.

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