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Leadership programme in Delhi govt schools soon

Updated On 2017-02-08 10:27:03 Co curricular activities

During the Excellence in Education Awards function held at Thyagaraj Stadium, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi cum Education minister Manish Sisodia said that government will run leadership programme for students in schools run by it. The motive of this programme is to inculcate and develop leadership skills among school children in the national capital.

Education Awards function is where the government facilitated teachers and principals for delivering exemplary result in board exams. Mr Sisodia also exhorted teachers to focus on those students who were lagging behind and said the government was going to focus on making learning more creative.

Mr Sisodia stressed upon the importance of leadership skills in every individual’s life and said that leadership qualities are required not just for fighting elections, although that is good. But it is more important to develop skills that will help an individual to set the pace in his or her own life. Many who are not in charge of their own lives discover that their lives are being led by someone else.

"We want our children to inculcate leadership qualities wherever they go in life, whether they join some profession or start a business. They should be able to provide leadership to society in case there is such a need in the future. They should be able to lead the nation if the nation needs them," Sisodia said. 

He said that in their first year they focused on educational infrastructure. In the second year, they devoted their energy to provide international level training to teachers. These activities will continue. But now in third year, they will focus on making learning more creative and productive.

He said that he believe that when a student leaves school, he/she should know more than what he/she has read in the books. He also said that a creative spirit and self-confidence are more important than academic learning adding, the most important thing for the student is the ability to study textbooks with confidence not syllabus.

The minister clarified that the proposed leadership programme will be introduced in a few select schools and gradually expanded to include every school in Delhi.

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