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Skill Development program in Odisha

Updated On 2016-05-11 09:35:57 Co curricular activities

A Skill Development program has been initiated in Odisha on May9 2016. Setting up of Skill Development programs was the government's plan in the previous year for better practical access, understanding and knowledge for students nation-wide as apart of the National Skill DevelopmentMission. The SDI was setup by Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)in the interest of the hydrocarbons sector.

About the Skill Development Initiative in the hydrocarbons sector:

The hydrocarbon sector would generate about one lakh technical jobs in the next five years. The Skill Development Institute is set in Bhubaneshwar,Orissa. The government is to provide 100 acres of land for this initiative, and there will be an investment of about 500 crores in the SDI.

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