Technological Change And Manpower Development

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Manpower development and HR functions are now getting highly influenced by technological changes. Successful technological change requires HR support although such support areas differ from organization to organization. This book is an attempt to discuss all the aspects of manpower development issues in technological era. The book provides a comprehensive text for HR students. It addresses the organizations’ requirement to practice the technology management issues, focusing more on human resource functions. Some key areas explained in this book are – training and development, compensation, performance management, new skill development issues, management of change, etc. The book deals with some new-age tools like Balance Scorecard, HR Scorecard, Competency Mapping and Knowledge Management Areas which are commonly used in this new-age technology era, to track, measure and develop manpower to sustain in competition. In the absence of a customised textbook in this area of study, this book has been developed to understand intricate technological change issues, especially those which influence HR functions and manpower development aspects. Contents Include: Globalisation, Technology and Human Resource Issues / Technology and Culture / Technology Management / Changing Technology and New Leadership Skills / Economic Theory of Choice and Employee Benefits / Training and Development / Performance Management Systems / Innovation and New Technology / Balanced Scorecard, Competency Mapping and Knowledge Management for New-age Technology