Human Resource Planning

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Human Resource Planning has globally become a much discussed issue. Throughout the world, manpower redundancy has become so common that it is no more catching the attention of media, India is also no exception to this. Many management institutions and universities have now included HRP as a core paper for their MBA curriculum. We really do not have adequate literature in HRP—more specifically to Indian situations. Apart from this, corporate practitioners also like to get some insight to the nitty-gritty of HRP. Keeping all these factors in view, the present book has been developed by the author considering the different aspects of HRP. The book aims to fulfill the need for MBA course on HRP and also for the practitioners as a reference manual to help successful HRP practice in organizations. Contents Include: Human Resource Management/Human Resource Policies and Strategies/Strategic Human Resource Planning/Human Resource Planning/Human Resource Planning Process/Productivity, Technology and HRP/Job Analysis, Description, and Job Evaluation/HRP, Recruitment, Selection and Induction/Career Planning, Development and Succession Planning/Training and Performance Appraisal/Skills and Multi Skilling/HRP, Transfer, Promotions and Job Rotation/Human Resource Information Systems/Human Resource Costs/Human Resource Accounting and Audit/Emerging Trends and Issues in HRP