Mental Health Risks And Resources

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Health is the most precious treasure and every one wishes to posses it in his/her life. There may be many major domains of Health e.g. physical, mental, social etc. however, all of the domains are significant but mental health is the most important. There is no health without mental health. Mental health is the undercurrent of all health domains. It is the power house and distribute strength reaching every health domain to build holistic health of an individual, but on the other hand if mental health is disturbed, it may adversely affect not only other health domains but create unhealthy behavioral patterns resulting day to day problems. Around the globe, mental health challenges are increasing day by day irrespective of age, gender and other socio-cultural parameters, whereas, mental health services particularly in India, are not satisfactory, more so, clinical model of mental health is not cost effective. Therefore, there is a strong need to work upon the promotive and enhancement model. A Psychologist has to undertake this pious duty of collection and disseminating of knowledge on mental health education.Present volume, “Mental Health: Risk and Resources” is an effort in this direction. Major objective of this edited book is to find out ways and means to check and analyses the details of mental health from a theoretical as well as empirical angles. There are fifteen chapters in this book which take up important issues ranging from determinants, correlates and therapeutic techniques pertaining to mental health. Editors hope that the assimilation of knowledge to understand and evaluate the mental health processes in this book will achieve its objective of reaching to masses and common readers.