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Why to study

Author : Merlin Vimal Posted On : Friday, 20th May 2016
Why to study

After getting the 12th std results, many would have decided what to learn next. Some would have started to apply for the engineering, medical and so on based on the score you have achieved. Now it’s up to you to choose the best college, keep going on the path you are. Some of students who studied maths and science groups might have secured less marks than expected and in a dilemma about the next step. Don’t worry this is only an initial stage, you can change it by choosing a suitable stream in a best college and start proving yourself.

Making a decision about the right stream is really a big deal but still you are now in a point to do it. Make clear that you have career opportunities in the stream and make sure that you are interested to learn the same. Without interest, you cannot succeed. Take a stream and keep going on the same till end of your studies without any deviations as it enables you to be a master in the field. You might have prepared your mind to enjoy college life it’s needed but at the same time you must also concentrate on your studies for better future.

Here I have brought in some information for the students who have studied commerce and accounts subjects in your 12th std.

Till you did your schooling, you might not have known the real value of But now if you are about to take the course, you are supposed to know its value.

Know the real value of Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com):-

Wherever you go or whichever industry you work, there is a special place for accounts section. We can say no company or business could run without accounts as it plays a vital role over there. is a specialized degree that covers a broad spectrum of subjects. This enables you to gain managerial skills and make you to be proficient in business studies. Commerce graduates have numerous career opportunities in various industries and they will be valued more in the job market.

You can become a accountant, auditor, information systems officer, taxation specialist and customer relationship officer in the respective industries. graduates can gain costing, analytic, human resource, marketing, accounting and research skills. The stream enables you to develop skills suitable for business requirements. When you carry out higher studies in the same field you will have the capability to be placed in management levels in corporate and public sectors.

I suggest you to take B.Com as it is the best and foremost degree for your career. I leave the final decision to you. Take a firm decision and make your career fruitful.


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