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Tips on how to find the perfect student Residence

Author : Archana Posted On : Friday, 17th February 2017
Tips on how to find the perfect student Residence

Student accommodation is an important factor to consider along with your child's tertiary education. Few things are as stressful for parents as setting their child up for tertiary education. One of the top items on that to-do list is finding accommodation once they’ve been accepted for the following year’s study at an institution far from home.

The student lifestyle is multi-faceted and accommodation should offer all the facilities that students need. For many, this would be their first experience of living away from home.

Here are some tips to make it easier to identify the best location :

All above board : 

If you are engaging with a student accommodation landlord, check that they are recommended by the institution you’re engaging with. This way you can be sure that rentals are fair, the accommodation is suitable and that you are dealing with a reputable landlord.

Safety and security : 

Students should feel as safe in their accommodation as they do when they’re at home – so check that the facility you’re considering has suitable security, both to protect the student’s belongings and to protect the student.

Pricing versus value : 

Shop around for the best deal to make sure you have considered all the potential costs involved.

Keep it close : 

Accommodation located close to campus should be the first prize or, at the very least, it should be close to public transportation that offers easy access to classes. Research the city as there are increasingly greater options to choose from.

Creature comforts : 

Look for accommodation that offers serviced apartments with fully fitted rooms and kitchens that are also cleaned weekly.

Living the lifestyle : 

Being a student is about so much more than just studying; it’s about building relationships and enjoying a balanced social life. Make sure that your chosen facility has common areas where students can relax and socialise in a safe environment.

Healthy body, healthy mind : 

Choose a facility that offers a gym or other exercise options.

Top technology : 

The Internet age has made more information more accessible and students should have constant access to the online world. Does your chosen facility offer free uncapped WiFi access? A ‘yes’ answer to this question is no longer a nice-to-have, but rather an essential, allowing students to seamlessly transition from working on campus to working at their off-campus residence.

Keeping this checklist close while shopping around for accommodation will mean that your child will be living in a safe, secure and nurturing environment that will make it easier for them to achieve the most out of student life.

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