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Melvin Ellis Calvin National Medal of Science Awarded In 1989

Melvin Ellis Calvin

Melvin Ellis Calvin

Award Name : National Medal of Science

Year of Award : 1989

Award for : Chemistry

Location : Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States


Melvin Ellis Calvin was an American chemist most famed for discovering the Calvin cycle along with Andrew Benson and James Bassham, for which he was awarded the 1961 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Calvin was born on April 8, 1911 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He received the B.S. degree in Chemistry in 1931 at the Michigan College of Mining and Technology, and the Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 1935. Calvin was the author of more than 600 articles and 7 books, and he was the recipient of several honorary degrees from U.S. and foreign universities. His numerous awards included the Priestley Medal (1978), the American Chemical Society’s highest award, and the U.S. National Medal of Science (1989), the highest U.S. civilian scientific award.


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