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Crafoord Prize Award

Crafoord Prize

Awards Type : InterNational Award

Organized Country : Sweden

First Award : 1982

The Crafoord Prize is an annual science prize established in 1980 by Holger Crafoord, a Swedish industrialist, and his wife Anna-Greta Crafoord. Administered by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the prize is awarded in four categories: astronomy and mathematics; geosciences; biosciences, with particular emphasis on ecology; and polyarthritis, the disease from which Holger severely suffered in his last years. According to the Academy, "these disciplines are chosen so as to complement those for which the Nobel Prizes are awarded".Only one award is given each year, according to a rotating scheme – astronomy and mathematics; then geosciences; then biosciences.

A Crafoord Prize is only awarded when a special committee decides that substantial progress in the field has been made.The recipient of the Crafoord Prize is announced each year in mid-January; on Crafoord Day in April, the prize is presented by the King of Sweden, who also presents the Nobel Prizes at the ceremony in December.The prize money, which as of 2015 is 4,000,000 kr (or US$500,000), is intended to fund further research by the winner.

Awarded for:

Astronomy and mathematics, biosciences, geosciences or polyarthritis research, awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Award Organized By: Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences