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Master of Healthcare Innovation

Online Degree Programs:
Posted On : 2014-10-02 17:08:49

The online Master of healthcare innovation degree at Arizona State University offers a multidisciplinary, educational approach to prepare students for an innovative and transformative role in healthcare.

This 34-credit master’s degree program brings together information from innovation and change theory, leadership, entrepreneurship, application technology, and system design programs, to create innovative and transformative solutions to current healthcare challenges. Students come from a variety of backgrounds, including nursing, health sciences, and healthcare architecture, as well as engineering, business administration, and journalism.

Students will approach the study of innovation for the healthcare marketplace with a focus on advancing the system from multiple perspectives—personal competence for innovation, use of evidence in decision making, remodeling system infrastructures, financing, communication, entrepreneurship, technology, and policy making. Students will develop competence in the design, application, and testing of innovative processes and products, however, the primary focus is on preparing students to lead the process of innovation and transformation. The curriculum incorporates the latest trends in healthcare and the opportunity to network with other professionals and faculty across diverse disciplines.

For more detailed information on our Masters of Healthcare Innovation program please visit the MHI microsite.

The cost of this program is $768 per credit hour, with no additional program fees.


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