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UGC to start Online Short-Term Courses

Updated On 2016-08-02 09:59:41 Online Degree Programs

To improve the Higher Education in India , the University Grants Commission (UGC) has started a new and innovative way of imparting convenient and integrated plan of education for higher studies. 

The plan is bringing digital India into practise, by integrating different universities under one scheme -- Swayam (Study Web of Active Learning by Young and Aspiring Minds)Under this scheme, students will be allowed to take online courses in whichever subject or university they wish .The students will be immensely benefited by the scheme as the scores achieved in short term courses will be credited to main mark-sheet of the university .

Swayam is an integrated platform for online courses to be provided by all central universities from school level to the post-graduate level.It would be basically interactive e-content for free on the Internet. 

All the central universities have to participate in this programme.In view of this scheme, the UGC uploaded all the online courses to be offered by the varsities on its website.The team is initiating more than 2,000 online courses under this project.As per the norms, no university can deny crediting the score for the online courses being opted in any of the central universities.The UGC will update information related to Swayam on June 1 and November 1, informing about the online courses to be offered in the upcoming session. The scheme is anticipated to be started from the next academic session .

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