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Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

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Posted On : 2016-01-16 16:05:12
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Yogavini Ashram boasts an abundance of fresh air with the sounds of birds chirping and Ganga flowing, will help you connect with nature and experience the learning on the course at a deeper level. Being close to nature is an important factor on yoga journey.

Yogavini Rishikesh also have and strong support from the local Indian community which will provide opportunities to partake in and enjoy traditional Indian culture.

At our yoga teacher training, spectacular domed Meditation Hall provides the perfect setting to center and re-connect within yourself. The energy felt when stepping in to the hall is like no other and once again, stepping outside of cities and experiencing countryside views as far as the eye can see, will bring a deeper sense of inner space, stillness and silence.

By coming out of the big cities surrounded by tall buildings and stepping into our yoga teacher training ashram. You will experience the perfect atmosphere to create beautiful personalized memories of your yogic journey.
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Yogi Vini

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