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How to find a best educational institution

Educational Institutions:
Posted On : 2015-01-02 14:42:28

Education is the best ever wealth that cannot be demolished by any disaster. Every parent will strive hard to give good education to their children. Such an important education is now turned as business. Educational institutions are of many types and booming in many numbers then and there. In such cases its more difficult for parents and students to find out a better institution. Lets know some important factors to find a best institution.

No one can find a best school, college or any other educational institution for all students. Every institution has some negative side for some people and they can not satisfy all pupil. There are several parameters for finding a best educational institution. We shall start learning from schools. Before choosing a school for a kid, parents should get ideas from friends, students of that school and other parents of those students. They should consider the students size, location, programs available, extracurriculars, financial aid, caring of students. Student-teacher ratio is an important criteria for selecting a school, because its an important quality that affects teaching and learning as well.

The same parameters can fit to select a college or university. There are some additional qualities that a student must note before choosing a college or university. They should consider several factors such as faculty, infrastructure, placements, alumni association. A well-qualified college will conduct workshops, seminars, conferences and cultural programs periodically. While coming to faculty judgement, number of full-time faculties, PhDs and Masters degree holders, faculties participation in conferences, seminars, publications, researches are to be noted. The courses offered by college must be accredited by NBA and NAAC in case of universities. A reputed institution will have projects sponsored by various funding agencies like Department of Science and Technology (DST), AICTE, Department of Information Technology etc.,
Infrastructure of an institution is most important thing for a student to enjoy studying. An institution must have computer laboratory with PCs with some standard software, Internet bandwidth, library which has collection of books, publications and journals, hostels with good food and water facilities, sports facilities on campus. Get an answer for a question that what pupil are doing after course completion; whether they are placed or going for higher studies. Placement statistics of college must be analysed before joining.
At the same time do not try to get too much information about an institution which will in turn definitely put you in trouble. Above all students safety is the most important parameter and parents must keep an eye on that. Visitors should be screened before they reach students. Healthy parent teacher communication is must for a good educational institution. Like quality in education, safety is also the prime factor for an institution.
Select a good educational institution and feed better education for your children. Quality education is the basic need and basic right for every child in the world. 


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