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Residential Schools In Maharashtra - MAEER'S MIT Pune's Vishwashanti Gurukul Schools

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Posted On : 2016-05-18 17:25:23
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The rising demand for Residential school Education is the basic requirement of every parent from any cast or creed. The people are concerned to give the best knowledge and a rich culture to their children, which can nurture and develop the personality. The main focus of the education is not considered to give the certificate only, but the overall personality grooming is concerned. In this global time, especially when both mother and father are working and are more conscious about their career. They don’t have such enough time to give their children and result of these professional families is going worst. On the other side the children want full attention at their growing time.
A residential school such like” Gurukul”
If we look back at the education system in ancient time when the children were used to send separately to a campus which was very far from the house to develop the mind and physique as well as. The place which selected to develop the child entirely was called “Gurukul”. This system was not related to education only, but the other knowledge was also provided. This was a residential school. The great and intelligent personalities of the old time are considered to be the best proof of Gurukul system.
Need of residential School in Maharashtra
As we have discussed above that the people had given a great importance to their children’s brought up in ancient time as well and now the time has demanded more consciousness in this global technical time. If you are putting up in any city of Maharashtra or out of the state, the boarding school in Maharashtra is the best solution. In this hustle bustle life, a child is not able to get a proper attention of the parent. Such as a little plant needs sunlight, water, air and fertilizer to transform into a big tree, in the same manner a child wants education, personality development, cultural activity and social activity to being a perfect human. This is the best place for those students who are from rural and urban area because they cannot get a proper environment since their brought up.
Parents should send to boarding school because the basic amenities are superb and are better than a home. Some of them are described below:-
Academic Curriculum- The course syllabus is categorized into various prospects of the knowledge. The pedagogy of the Academy curriculum is structured according to modern requirements. Case study, assignment, weekly test and other methods are used to develop the mind of the child.
Accommodation- The boarding Hostel is fully maintained and convenient for the student. The living, food and all other daily required things are concerned to be cleaner. The environment of the campus is pollution free. The health issues are considered in the priority. Every child gets attention by the warden in term of hygiene.
Sports and yoga-not only academic is the most concerned area of the school while sport, yoga and other exercise are also the part of their curriculum. The children play cricket, badminton, table tennis, football and other sports. The sport teacher takes care with both kinds of games indoors and outdoors.
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