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Posted On : 2015-08-07 15:13:07
Our generation is unique. We are witnessing as geographic and cultural barrier dissolve. The information systems have altered the way we live, interact and work. This also made us interdependent for our survival. A product or process innovation in one corner of the globe affects the lifestyle of people even remote areas. Worldwide-Whether Governments, business, education, NGOs, CSRs - have realized the startling changes triggered by such interdependence. Unless we re-skill and re-define our belief systems, the very existence is threatened. Therefore organizations throughout the world are witnessing revolutionary changes and restructuring as “learning organizations”. Yes, we will not teach, but make the students to learn.
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4 years ago

The benefits we derive out of learnings are undeniable. Learning environment is essential for vivid study and also for adopting ourself to the changing environment.

Jack the cool
Jack the cool
4 years ago

Excellent article that portrays the circumstances and the learning environment.All we need is a good, better and the best change in the days to come.


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