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Malvika Singh - Student October 22nd, 2015 Like
Mba student
Malvika Singh
Amity University, Dubai
MBA 3 C – Dubai , UK, California

Question-What do you have to say about World Wide Education?

answer-World Wide Education is an excellent institute that provides different career and educational gateway/pathway for students who are willing to indulge with foreign universities after completing their schooling. The study material, infrastructure, facilities and professors – student-friendly interactions are the three main vital elements of this institution. Being a student and being part of this amazing institute has inspired me and helped me decide on my choice of course and university. I completed my undergraduate studies from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK in 2013 and I immediately planned to complete my Master’s afterwards. Therefore, I started researching universities along with their admission criteria and I discovered that all foreign universities were asking for work experience between 8 months and 2 years in any management field. This worked against me, as I was a fresh graduate with zero work experience. Because of this, I started looking for jobs to gain a minimum of 8 months experience, in order to fulfil admission criteria at my desired universities. This is when my mother told me about World Wide Education, study abroad consultancy and once I got in touch with the staff members and the Director, I was matched with their database, based on my professional profile. The result was amazing as I secured admission in my choice of country, university and course after which, my visa and admission process was also done efficiently.
Currently I am pursuing MBA 3C – Dubai, UK, and California from Amity University, Dubai. Needless to say, I am immensely thankful to WWE for guiding me and providing assistance to pave my educational pathway.

Question-What are your opinions about the faculty/teachers at WWE? Is there anyone in particular that you would like to commend?

Answer-Teachers and staff have a very friendly and caring attitude and behaviour towards all the students and this friendly teaching and learning environment provides great encouragement and motivation to learn new concepts while also learning the practical aspects regarding outside competition in the field. The modest and logical methods or techniques that were used by the teachers to explain any concept are easily adopted by the students and if, for some reason, a student is unable to understand a particular concept, the teachers never hesitate to explain the concept multiple times, using simple and day-to-day examples, till the student gets the concept. In order to ensure that every student is on the same page as others, about two weeks into the course, faculty make students solve practice worksheets after 2 weeks in class. The best part is that the evaluation and feedback is given at the same time, so that students know of where they are lacking and where they need improvement. Meanwhile, if teacher cannot make it to class for some reason, then instead of cancelling the class, students are provided with practice sheets so that they can utilise their time and resources efficiently. Therefore, these key strategies on faculty’s part, help students attain knowledge and skills to achieve excellence in the future.

Question-Tell us what you thought of the staff? Is there anyone you want to commend in particular?

Answer-Staff at WWE was very professional and organised in their jobs. For instance, when I got enrolled there for GMAT preparation, I was always informed about the status of my classes and on the first day we got a proper, fixed timetable. During my course, I have never once received incorrect information regarding class timings. If a student has a query reading a course or its fee structure, the staff member will patiently listen to them and will help the student in every way. However, if they are unable to provide information requested by the student, they will always have an alternate solution to the query and student will not go unattended and dissatisfied. The staff members also have a caring and friendly attitude towards students.

Question-How can we improve WWE?

Answer-I didn’t find any areas that need improvement in this institution as everything for so organised and crystal clear to each and everyone who was attached with this institution.

Any other comments?
“Want to study abroad? World Wide Education is the answer!”


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