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Tamil literature books

Tamil literature books

Author: Merlin Vimal Posted On : 23rd January 2017

Tamil is the oldest literature in India which has a rich and long literary tradition spanning more than two thousand years. The language also has strong and vibrant modern literary tradition. It has gained popularity not only in Tamil Nadu and India but also in various parts of the world with its great number of anthologies, epics and works.

The leading education and information portal has taken a great initiative to revive our Tamil literature by bringing them online. You can get the collection of Tamil literature books with transliteration, translation and explanation. has moved one step ahead and has provided Tamil literature books in digitized form as Onbooks which can be read by the readers as if they read a real book. It’s a great education platform for the people who are more eager to learn about Tamil literature.

In this modern world, many are not aware about the Tamil literature and this initiative is meant to enhance language skills and help people understand the tradition, the culture of places and the people of different times.

Read Tamil literature books at and feel the richness of the language.



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