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Physical Education Centre in Delhi

Updated On 2015-06-09 09:42:23 Sports

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan inaugurated a first-of-its-kind municipal physical education centre in Civil Lines area in north Delhi and exhorted children to take up at least two sports. 

The facility named 'Atal Bihari Vajpayee Physical Education Centre' in Satywati Nagar has been developed by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation in 12 months at a cost of Rs 521.97 lakh. 45 per cent of diseases happen because of lack of physical activities. Children must be encouraged to play two sports at least, Vardhan said.

The Union Science and Technology Minister added that the physical education centre must have good quality equipments and that this facility would be successful only when youths and children actively come here and indulge in sports activities. 

Area councillor Meera Aggarwal said the centre, covering an area of 650 sqm has facilities like basketball court, badminton court, skating ring, gymnasium, table tennis hall, changing rooms, cafeteria and an office. This land was encroached upon and also used for dumping debris and garbage later on. 

It was then decided to develop a physical education centre so that general public could benefit from facilities provided and have a healthy physique, she said. North Delhi Mayor Ravinder Gupta expressed hope that the physical education centre would help find sporting talent.

Source: careerindia

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