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Online Recruitment platform for Govt Jobs

Updated On 2016-05-07 09:40:01 others

If the states fall in line with the ambitious digital India plan of Narendra Modi, the aspiring candidates seeking government jobs would soon get an online recruitment platform that can act as a single window to the candidates. The candidates will be able to get complete information about the government jobs through the portal and easily apply for the posts. The centre is up to offering a ‘faceless, paperless and cashless’ experience for the aspiring candidates looking for government recruitments.

In this new proposal from the group of secretaries to the Prime Minister it is kept in mind that the candidates applying for government jobs do not have to come face to face with any government official in the entire process of job application till the joining of it. According to a DoPT spokesperson, “The secretaries in the ministry of personnel are doing a weekly review of the recommendations of the group of secretaries to ensure the earliest possible implementation. 

According to the recommendations the government vacancies would be put up one a common web portal and all the applications would be invited online. The candidates can verify their candidature with e-sign, which would allow an Aadhar card holder to digitally sign a document. This will end the queuing in front of the government offices for signing the documents personally and also negate the possibility of taking bribe by the government officials. The portal will also allow the candidate to pay the exam fee through universal payment interface. There will be a digital locker, where the candidates could safely upload their digital certificate copies, which could further get checked by the government offices as they apply for any vacancy.

Through this portal the whole process could get cut short and make candidates join their job immediately after their selection and online self-declaration of having no criminal history. The appointment of the candidates would remain provision until the time-bound police report arrives about the particular candidates.

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