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New diabetes markers

Updated On 2015-10-15 12:21:03 others

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (Niper), Ahmedabad has not only developed new markers to predict such secondary complications but also modified an antidiabetic molecule to reduce the cost of drugs as there are many diabetics in the Country. There are about 161,578 diabetics in Gujarat out of 559,718 in India. Retinopathy is one of the most serious microvascular complications of diabetes, resulting in blindness for over 50% patients across the country.

Present anti-diabetic drugs cost between Rs 100 to Rs 650 per mg. But the one developed by Niper costs only Rs 20 per mg and will benefit millions of diabetes patients in the country. Niper has also secured a patent for the invention which promises to be a revolution in the healthcare sector.

Led by institute director Prof Kiran Kalia, the team has also created proteomic and genomic markers to predict onset of secondary complications in diabetics like retinopathy and nephro pathy. She added that secondary complications are diagnosed at an advanced stage presently. But, we've developed bio markers that can predict such serious complications by urine and blood tests at an initial level.

Senior diabetologist Dr Mayur Patel said "Reducing the cost of therapy will be a boon. In India, nearly 60% of patients have to mortgage their property to keep their blood sugar under control. If we can predict future complications, it can reduce the financial burden on millions of patients. When cost of therapy falls, physical and physiological suffering also reduces not of just the patient but the entire family.”

Prof Kalia said "With a rise in lifestyle diseases, an anti-diabetic molecule is one of the largest-selling formula tions in the domestic pharma retail market. Thus, reducing its cost will be a boon for several patients. The new molecule is a new class of compound than drugs available in the market. The same product is being chemically synthesized and further modified to improve its efficacy.”

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3 years ago

NIPER has done a good work. Low cost drugs for diabetics will benefit many patients those who can't afford much for medicines. Predicting retinopathy and nephropathy at the initial stage is good.


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