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Modi to develop Indian sign language

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With the motive to develop Indian sign language, Prime Minister said that a center for same will be established soon. Ahead of the 9th World Assembly of the differently-abled people's International (DPI) which is held from April 11-13 in New Delhi, Modi added that his government is fully committed to the UN Convention of Rights for Persons with Disabilities and to achieve empowerment and inclusion of differently-abled people. As per World Bank estimates, the cost of exclusion of people with disability from the workforce is 3-7 per cent of the GDP.

Initiatives such as Accessibility India campaign aimed to make the built environment inclusive for persons with disabilities. He said that they are also making Indian Railways accessible and starting a centre to develop Indian sign language. In March 2016, the government's Inclusiveness and Accessibility Index that measured actions and attitudes of organizations towards differently-abled employees called for enabling access to them in buildings and workplaces, public transportation etc.

Javed Abidi, the global chair of DPI which has members from over 150 countries, said rebuilding and retro-fitting to accommodate people with disability must be discouraged. Accessibility has to be built into both public and private sector procurement. Otherwise the differently-abled people cannot even get education, let alone employment.

Over 70 DPI representatives from all over the world would speak at the event. The theme of the three-day event is Building Human Capital: Realizing SDGs for Persons with Disabilities. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the UN in September 2015. There are 11 mentions of disability in the entire document but none in the most crucial goals. The discussion will focus on a disability inclusive blueprint for Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

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