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Child abuse film to be shown in schools

Updated On 2015-08-05 09:30:25 others

Thousands of children all over the world are living lives ravaged by abuse, violence and neglect. In an effort to spread awareness and give children a strong hand in the case, 'Komal' a film on child sexual abuse and a national award winner for best educational film, will become available for compulsory viewing in PMC-run schools in the city.

Targeting students of Class 4 to Class 7, the film will be telecasted in English, Hindi and 16 other myriad languages to offer a wider understanding. The film is being endorsed by the Women and Child Development Ministry and the Central Board of Secondary Education and will also be telecasted by Doordarshan and its regional channels at an appropriate time for viewing.

Based on child abuse, the film 'Komal', revolves around a girl of the same name who deals with the trauma of being sexually abused by her friend's father. After much reluctance, she goes up to her mother who sends her for counselling. The movie highlights the benefits of teaching children about ways to tackle child-abuse. Already available Youtube and other websites, the film has garnered a great response  and has received over 13 lakh views till date.

For its brave concept and storyline, the film was declared as the best educational film of the country, at the 62nd National Film Award. It also been a recipient of Filmsaaz International Film Festival 2015 and the BAF Awards, FICCI Frames.

CHILDLINEIndia,the creators of the film have also made issue-sensitive films on children suchas The Rose, a film on corporal punishment and Like Sisters, a film based onsign language.

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4 years ago

Good step ahead. This help children to understand and get aware against the violence faced by them.

4 years ago

In recent days we are seeing much child abuse news. It is our responsibility to teach the child about the way of protecting themselves. So by playing this movie in schools will make the Child to build courage and get over from that situation.


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