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Campus wide Wi-Fi Connection in JNU

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The restricted Wi-Fi to the JNU will be available soon in and around the campus. The Varsity had initiated the idea of Wi-Fi Network in 2008 including the project execution in three phases.

While the first phase was scheduled to cover the academic block, the 16 university hostels were supposed to be next and the residential area, university health center and student activity center were proposed to be included in phase III.

However, after much delay due to security concerns, the Wi-Fi project for the academic center was rolled out in 2010 and any further progress could not been made since that time. Now UGC has grant permission for providing the network.

A senior varsity official handling the project said, the testing process is on under phase I and is expected to get over in four months. We are testing the authentication for network access to make the network secure and be available to only authorized users. 

Point to multi-point wireless connectivity has been proposed between the hostels and cluster of residences and the existing campus-wide network to ensure at least 108Mbps backbone bandwidth.

At present the university has a network connecting 26 buildings of the academic complex. These are connected through a strong network running on a fibre optic backbone with an intranet bandwidth of 1Gbps and Internet bandwidth of 16Mbps. To ensure seamless connectivity with good coverage and quality of service, MTNL had signed MOU in 2010 and they set-up four additional 3G towers (BTS) to cover the sprawling JNU Campus.

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Jeevita Jeny
Jeevita Jeny
3 years ago

Students would be benefited by the Wi-Fi Network and it is their duty to use in protective manner. Wide connection would help to learn anywhere and everywhere inside the college.

3 years ago

Hope, students can utilize Wi-Fi in the proper way & may get more useful educational info by this.


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