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2 Delhi students among Rhodes scholars-elect

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Two Delhi students are among the five 2015 Rhodes scholars-elect from India. The postgraduate award is for two to three years (depending on the academic route) of study at the University of Oxford. 
Mayanka Mukherji, a final-year sociology student at Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi, is going to enrol for an MPhil in visual, material and museum anthropology at the Universi ty of Oxford.Sonali Chowdhry, an alumnus of the University of Delhi's Miranda House, is planning to study an MPhil in economics at the same institution. 

Talking about her chosen course, Mukherji says, "A lot of my projects in college focused on buildings, spaces and museums to understand the field in a new light.My work was moving away from the textual medium to spaces." 

Chowdhry, an economics graduate who is currently on a Young India Fellowship at Ashoka University, says, "Through my study of macroeconomic policy, trade and development theory, I intend to ex amine the implications of international economic integration for developing countries." 

Other 2015 scholars-elect include Sanya Samtani, a final-year law student at NALSAR University of Law, Bangalore. She wants to pursue a Bachelor of civil law programme. And so does Mansi Sood, a final-year law student at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. Carl Britto, a finalyear medical student at St John's Medical College Hospital, Bangalore, intends to read for a DPhil in primary health. 

Industrialist Kumar Man galam Birla chaired the selection committee, which included Charles Conn, warden, Rhodes House and various former Indian Rhodes scholars. 

Five candidates from India are selected to join 78 other Rhodes scholars from around the world at Oxford every year. Instituted in 1902, the award includes all university and college fees, an annual stipend of about £13,390, health insurance and travel expenses to the university before the start of the programme and a return ticket on completion.


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