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Transgenders get education aid from Kalki Subramanian

Updated On 2016-11-22 10:19:58 Exclusive

Activist and artist Kalki Subramanian donated the money she earned by selling her paintings for the education of four transgenders in the city on the eve of World Transgender Day.

"One of the beneficiaries, Anu, has completed her under-graduation. She wanted to pursue IELTS, but did not have money to pay her fees. While Lalitha and her mother are struggling to pay her nursing fees, Kotravai wants to pursue law and Maitreyi, Siddha medicine. I wanted to help them. I short-listed them after conducting interviews," said Kalki.

She is all set to hold her next painting exhibition after four months. "Out of the 12 paintings that I had put up for sale, seven were sold for 1.58 lakh. I decided to donate 80,000 for their education. Others who need help can always approach us," she said.

Kalki said the main reason behind transgenders being forced into sex work and begging was that they were not supported by their families. "Out of these four, three were sent away by their families and they have no one to support them. While timely help will play an important role, the permanent solution is inclusiveness. People should understand and include transgenders in schools, colleges, hostels and homes," she said.

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