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myEnglish in Pune

Updated On 2015-05-05 09:33:06 Exclusive

The British Council has launched myEnglish, its unique blended learning course in Pune recently. myEnglish combines the latest education technology and student-centred classroom instruction to improve students' language skills. This comprehensive course will be available at six levels, in tailor-made eight week training modules. 

A statement issued by the British Council said that, delivered in a unique blended learning format, myEnglish maximizes learning while providing students with convenience and flexibility. Firstly, students attend face-to-face sessions for group discussions, speaking practice and giving presentations. 

Secondly, students access world-class British Council materials online with teacher guidance, for inputs such as vocabulary, listening practice and grammar. Additionally, the teacher and students meet regularly in an online 'virtual classroom', so students log in and join the class from the comfort of their own homes. 

Sharon Memis, area director, West India, British Council said in the statement that, "Blended learning is an innovative way to change the delivery mechanism of education. We have brought the best in English language teaching and combined it with technology to make it accessible to more students. So we are excited about this, and plan to offer it to English learners across India. Pune is only the start." 

The course focuses on elements like language skills, communication in the real life contexts, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and self-study skills. Feedback and encouragement from the teacher and stu-dents are pillars of the myEnglish course.

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