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Quantity, quality and equality needed to ensure Right to Education

Updated On 2016-03-22 09:21:31 Education

Vice President Mohammed Hamid Ansari on Monday, March 21, said that quantity, quality and equality are the three sides of a triangle required to ensure proper implementation of the Right to Education.

While addressing the National Stocktaking Convention being organized by the Right to Education Forum, the Vice President said that the decline in state-funding in the key social sector programmes, including education, is of particular concern.

He maintained that the Right to Education Act was a remarkable achievement, which provided access, equity and inclusion for all children, despite the shortcomings in its implementation.

Ansari said that in the last six years, the Right to Education Act has shown promising developments.

According to ANI, he further said that on doing a critical appraisal of the functioning of the Right to Education, it revealed large gaps that exist in its implementation. The gaps include the low quality of education being provided, the high number of dropouts and out-of-school children, and the absence of equity in education.

He emphasized on using the experience gained in operating the RTE for the past six years to inform the correctives to reduce the gaps-- monitoring the implementation of the Act needs to be taken more seriously.

"Vibrant partnerships among the departments and organizations concerned with children; acceleration of poverty reduction programmes of the Rural Development and ensuring that the state governments get the Panchayati Raj institutions appropriately involved," he added.

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