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Mobile schools Launched In Papua New Guinea

Updated On 2017-04-03 10:28:51 Education

In Papua New Guinea, more than half-a-million children are unable to access the education system, according to government estimates.

That includes thousands of children in the capital, Port Moresby, where they grow up impoverished in squatter settlements, orphanages, and even rubbish dumps.

In an attempt to give these children a basic education, a local NGO, Life PNG Care, has created two pilot mobile schools in northwestern Port Moresby.

Life PNG Care's director, Collin Pake said one of the locations was at a local rubbish dump, where more than 100 students are turning up.

"There are about 200-plus kids living around this [dump]. We don't want to see them constantly going scavenging. We just set up a tent and we've got a bus that just goes with our teachers and then we've got 100 and 200-plus registered already to attend the school. We were not expecting this."

Mr Pake said he hoped the programme was successful enough for mobile school graduates to transition into formal education.

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