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Theodor Svedberg - Famous Inventor

: Theodor Svedberg
: 30-August-1884
: 25-February-1971
: Sweden
: Uppsala University
: Chemist

About Inventor

Theodor H.E. Svedberg who lived between (1884-1971), is a Swedish chemist who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1926 for his studies in the chemistry of colloids and for his invention of the ultracentrifuge, an invaluable aid in those and subsequent studies.

Early life and his research

After receiving his doctorate from the University of Uppsala in 1907, Svedberg joined the faculty there. When he retired in 1949 he was named director of the new Gustaf Werners Institute for Nuclear Chemistry, a post he held until 1967.

Svedberg’s early research was on colloids, in which particles too small to be resolved by ordinary light microscopes are dispersed throughout water or some other substance. The particles in colloid solutions are so small that the jostling of the surrounding water molecules keeps them from settling out in accord with gravity. To better study the particles, Svedberg used centrifugal force to mimic the effects of gravity on them. His first ultracentrifuge, completed in 1924, was capable of generating a centrifugal force up to 5,000 times the force of gravity. Later versions generated hundreds of thousands of times the force of gravity. Svedberg found that the size and weight of the particles determined their rate of settling out, or sedimentation, and he used this fact to measure their size. With an ultracentrifuge, Svedberg went on to determine precisely the molecular weights of highly complex proteins such as hemoglobin. In later years he made studies in nuclear chemistry, contributed to the improvement of the cyclotron, and helped his student Arne Tiselius in the development of the use of electrophoresis to separate and analyze proteins.

Awards Received by Inventor

 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Franklin Medal


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