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Sidney Rosenthal - Famous Inventor

: Sidney Rosenthal
: 1907
: 1979
: United States
: Self Educated
: Inventor

About Inventor

Sidney Rosenthal (1907-1979), from Richmond Hill, New York, is credited with inventing what is now known as a Magic Marker in 1953.


Lee Newman patented a felt-tipped marking pen in 1910.In 1926 Benjamin Paskach patented a "fountain paintbrush" as he called it which consisted of a sponge-tipped handle containing various paint colors. Markers of this sort began to be popularized with the sale of Sidney Rosenthal's Magic Marker (1953) which consisted of a glass tube of ink with a felt wick. By 1958 use of felt-tipped markers was commonplace for a variety of applications such as lettering, labeling, and creating posters.The year 1962 brought the development of the modern fiber-tipped pen (in contrast to the marker, which generally has a thicker point) by Yukio Horie of the Tokyo Stationery Company.