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Maurice Levy - Famous Inventor

: Maurice Levy
: United States
: Self Educated
: Inventor

About Inventor

Lipstick became widely popular after Maurice Levy's 1915 invention of the metal lipstick container.It was available in salve, liquid, and stick forms,and long-lasting, indelible stains were the most popular. "Natural" lipgloss was also invented, which used bromo acid to create a red effect as it reacted with the wearer's skin.Finally, flavored lipstick was also popular, with the most popular variety being cherry.

In the 1920s, different products were also developed that showed the decade's preoccupation with shaping the mouth.Metal lip tracers, made in various sizes to satisfy the wishes of the wearer, were developed to ensure flawless lipstick application. Helena Rubinstein created a product called "Cupid's Bow," that billed itself as a "self-shaping lipstick that forms a perfect cupid's bow as you apply it."The development of the mirrored lipstick container in the 1920s also points to the importance of shaping the lips through the application of lipstick.