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John Milne - Famous Inventor

: John Milne
: 30-December-1850
: 31-July-1913
: United Kingdom
: Royal School of Mines, King's College School
: Inventor

About Inventor

John Milne (30 December 1850 – 31 July 1913) was a British geologist and mining engineer who worked on a horizontal seismograph.

Milne was born in Liverpool, England, the only child of John Milne of Milnrow, and at first raised in Rochdale and later moved to Richmond near London.He was educated at King's College London and the Royal School of Mines.

Milne worked as a mining engineer in Labrador and Newfoundland, Canada, and in 1874 served as geologist on the expedition led by Charles T. Beke, the noted British explorer and biblical scholar, to Egypt and northwestern Arabia. In 1875 Milne accepted the position of professor of geology and mining at the Imperial College of Engineering, Tokyo. He designed one of the first reliable seismographs in 1880 and traveled widely in Japan to set up 968 seismological stations for a survey of Japan’s widespread earthquakes. After many seminal earthquake studies, Milne returned to England in 1894 and established a private seismological station near Newport, Isle of Wight. His attempt in 1906 to determine the velocity of seismic waves through the Earth was largely unsuccessful. He served as secretary of the Seismological Committee of the British Association and organized a worldwide network of observation stations. Many of his findings were published in his books Earthquakes (1883) and Seismology (1898).


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