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Emmett Chapman - Famous Inventor

: Emmett Chapman
: 28-September-1936
: United States
: Self Educated
: Inventor

About Inventor

Emmett Chapman (born September 28, 1936) is a jazz musician best known as the inventor of the Chapman Stick and maker of Chapman Stick family of instruments.

In addition to creating the Chapman Stick instruments, Emmett has also had a career as a performer and recording artist. From 1969 to the present, Emmett has done both solo performances and played with many jazz legends. He has done concert tours playing colleges, and has perfomed throughout the world. 

In 1985 Emmett released a solo album titled Parallel Galaxy. This recording contained ten pieces, some solos and some duets. The album is available on vinyl, cassette, and was remastered for CD in 1999. 

One piece, Backyard, that appears on the album was used in the film Dune. The director's cut of the film shows a decorated Stick painted gold playing the role of the mythical "baliset" instrument described in Frank Herbert's novel. Emmett's recording is what we hear when we see Patrick Stewart play the baliset. 


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Emmett Chapman-Emmett Chapman


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