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Edward Craven Walker - Famous Inventor

: Edward Craven Walker
: 4-July-1918
: 15-August-2000
: Singapore
: Self Educated
: Inventor

About Inventor

Edward Craven Walker was the inventor of the psychedelic Astro Lamp, known as the Lava Lamp in 1963.He was the founder of Mathmos.

Edward Craven Walker,(born July 4, 1918, Singapore—died Aug. 15, 2000, Ringwood, Hampshire, Eng.), British inventor who , developed the lava lamp, originally called the Astro lamp, using an idea he first saw in an English pub in 1963. The colourful lamps, which used a secret concoction of fluorescent paraffin wax and oil that rose and fell in seductively fluid shapes within an airtight, water-filled glass lamp, became one of the most popular accessories of the psychedelic 1960s and early ’70s and made a comeback in the late 1990s.


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Edward Craven Walker-Edward Craven Walker


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Edward Craven Walker-Edward Craven Walker


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